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Project Description
AlterGear User and Group Access Management keeps a record of various programs / accesss pages and identifies them with a TAG. While programming reference to this library to find out what TAG's the specific user is allowed

- Add / Edit Groups
- Maintain the Programs a group has access to
- Maintain the programs a User has access to

The user information is taken as a dictionary and does not reference to any external datatbase. To identify users, this management tool uses the UserID as an integer provided from the code and stores it in a database.

This Tool however does not maintain user names and passwords. A user name is taken only for pure refereence during runtime for UI feature.

.Net 2.0 or higher
Sql Server (Created with 2005)

While creating application (with regards to Winforms), you can handle each control's visibility or enable property by comparing if tha TAG property of that control exists in the users program description.
This TAG property should exist in this Management tool, and when the form is loaded, iterate through each of the controls and compare the xistance of tha TAG Values.

The program names, group names, and access can be changed / edited at runtime.

Do have a look at the example, which also includes the source code for the example on how to implement it.
The implementation will depend upon the controls being used.

For Asp .Net this tool can be used as the TAG codes returned for each user could be interpreted as roles and give you your own role security. However this library uses windows forms and hence cannot be launched from a website, and will have to be a server based application.

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